27 June, 2022
Graduation Ceremony (9th June 2022)
The F.6 graduates finally came to the celebration of a critical stage in their life – finishing six-years of secondary education. This is worth celebrating as this signifies the start of a new page of life.
Honourable guests, Supervisor Wong, Principal Chu, teachers and parents assembled at the school hall to bring their heartfelt blessings to the F.6 students, wishing them a bright and prosperous future.
We were honoured to have invited the alumnus, Ms Au Yeung Suk Han, the former principal of TWGHs Chen Zao Men College, to deliver a speech and present the certificates to our graduates. Showing the photos of her school life and inspiring teachers, Ms Au Yeung recollected her school days at St. Antonius especially remembering the hard work and patience of teachers and the opportunities offered by the school. She reminded our F6 graduates to cherish the bonds developed with the teachers and schoolmates, and also encouraged them to face their difficulties positively and bravely. On behalf of the school, Supervisor Wong and Principal Chu thanked Ms Au Yeung for her contribution to the school by funding different school activities.
The ceremony ended with the graduates singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and a video clip about the happy moments of their school life at SAGC. We sincerely hope that our students can start their new page of life after their graduation and have a strong heart to face all coming challenges in their future.

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