1 June, 2022
Workshop for Constructing Our Mindset in Life Planning
On 28 May, our non-Chinese speaking students participated in the Life Scenario planning workshop. The workshop simulated a real-life environment in a game setting, aiming to enhance non-Chinese speaking students’ awareness of life and career planning, build up their ability to handle challenges and learn to make wise decisions for their own life.

Our non-Chinese students were actively involved in the workshop and enjoyed the game very much. They are encouraged by the trainer step by step to play mindfully and wisely. This whole activity inspired them to think more about their future life and career. The following are thoughts and reflections of them after playing this game.

F.1Waqar Warisha, “In the game, I’ve become wiser by marrying a man who is a chef. In real life, I will become wiser by following my parent’s steps and learning from my mistake.”

F.2Khan Manaal, “I used my chances wisely because of the benefits. I think I am positive and very real in my life. I know my goal it is.”

F.3 Bibi Labaih, “I will maintain a good relationship with others and keep a positive relationship. I will carefully choose every opportunity and do soothing helpful for my future.”