1 November, 2021
A Funny and Adventure Movie for Reflecting Our Modern Life
On 26 October, our non-Chinese speaking students had a pleasure time to watch a funny and adventure movie called Ron’s Gone Wrong in B+ Cinema of Kwun Tong APM shopping mall.

The movie is about how friendship change under the influence of technology products. Though technology products are more and more important in our present days’ life, this movie gives us some reflection to think of the relationship between virtual world and our real life.

In the activity, our non-Chinese students enjoyed this Contonese version movie. they were amused by movie’s dialogues and plots. Barney and Ron’s adventure touched them. This whole story inspired them to think more about their relationship with their friends. The following are some thoughts of them after watching this movie.

F.1Waqar Warisha, “many students spend a lot of times to play video games but don’t finish their homework. We need schedule our timetable to stop wasting time.”

F.2 Khan Manaal, “we already get used to this lifecycle that technology products are the necessity in our life. We keep active in internet or social media but forget how to interact with others in real world. We need give more time to our family and friends.”

F.2 Rai Suman, “technology makes us more convenient in daily life such as we can chat with friends who are in far away from us. However, obsessing with the online world makes people lacking of communication skills. Our concentration ability will decrease after long term impact.”

F.3 Bibi Labaih, “I think technology makes our life more convenient but when we spend many time on it, we will not have time with our family and friends and the relationship with them become worse. Using technology products harm our health as well. Therefore, we need use them wisely.”