25 September, 2021
" VolTrekkers Service-learning Award & Training Scheme 2020/21" 4C Khadija
This summer holiday, 4C Khadija have joined "VolTrekkers Service-learning Award & Training Scheme" workshops,teaching her how elderly life’s are, and giving her opportunities to talk to them and understand their lifestyle.One of the workshops she found it inspiring and interesting was when she was equipped to be like elderly -- she wore the equipment of the hand, even wore glasses which made her visions blurry so it was very hard to see.She then got to know that elderly find it really hard to read stuffs. Furthermore there is also equipment on her legs and backs that are bent, so she had to walk like elderlies. "It was quite exhausting as we also went up the stairs, we got to know how elderly people struggled so much." said Khadija. Moreover, she had also taught seniors how to use ZOOM because for their generation,the technology is still very new to them. Both of us are very happy about it. Lastly ,after that service learning programme,Khadija had understood her grandparents more, "and now when I see, especially elderlies, carrying something heavy, I will go ahead and help them because now I know what they go through and the struggle they have to face."