1 November, 2023
Rosary-making Workshop at St. James’ Church
6S Cheng Hoi Kiu Elver

On the date of 7th October, the Catholic Society went to St. James's Church to join a rosary-making workshop. We began with a sincere prayer to our God, praying that we pay our highest concentration to make the rosaries and will use them properly. While making the rosaries, we learnt that all the little beads are meaningful as there are 25 mysteries of our Mother Mary and the God which symbolise Joy, Sorrow, Glory and Luminosity.

I especially appreciate how kind-hearted and helpful the brothers and sisters there in the St. James's Church were. Whenever we had any tiny problems and difficulties, they were willing to lend a hand to us. We were also very delighted to meet Fr. Louland Escabusa again who has celebrated the school opening prayer service with us before. He encouraged us to work hard on making the rosaries and we were very grateful that he blessed them. I promise I will devote my whole heart while I am praying using the rosary I made myself!