28 May, 2024
Congratulations to our NCS students for winning awards in Chinese-related extracurricular activities
Our NCS students participated in the "Hong Kong Local Food and Traditional Festival Check-ins Chinese Learning Activity For NCS Students" organized by HKUSPACE. Due to their outstanding performance, they received an award for active participation. The awardee is as follows:

Waqar Warisha (莫至美) 3D-28

Meanwhile, NCS students from F.1, F.3 and F.5 of our school have shown outstanding performance in various learning areas. With a positive attitude towards challenges, our NCS teachers recommended them to compete in the "Outstanding Ethnic Minority Student Award Scheme 2024" hosted by LINK Centre, where they received a "Certificate of Merit." The list of awardees are as follows:

Wong Blair (黃貝雅) 1D-27
Waqar Warisha (莫至美) 3D-28
Bibi Laibah (貝貝) 5G-01