11 August, 2022
F. 1 Be My Companion Programme – Inter-class Domino Competition
The SAGC Form one students participated in the Inter-class Domino Competition under the programme ‘Be My Companion’ co-organized by the Discipline Team and the Guidance and Counselling Team on 10th August. There were two rounds in the competition. In the first round, students competed in their classrooms. They had to form a straight line with the dominoes they had within a few minutes by working together with their group members. They all enjoyed the game very much. The most outstanding group of each class were sent to join the final competition held in the school library. The competitors had to form a picture with the colourful dominoes they had within twenty minutes. The champion went to 1C students who formed a nice design of the class name ‘1C’ with the dominoes. Other classes formed pictures showing the ups and downs we encountered in life, a heart linked together with ‘SAGC’ and the nature. All of them were very creative and it was a memorable moment for students as they worked together for the same goal. The support for each other and the experience they gained are valuable. They will continue to learn to cooperate with their classmates in the activities next year.