27 June, 2022
Carnival for Integration
The Carnival for Integration was held on 7th June, which consisted of 5 game booths and targeted at Form 3 students. This activity aimed to convey messages about diversity inclusion within school and society. Students were taught to respect one another regardless of race, gender and even learning ability. Various types of sports were included in the games, for instance, basketball, golf, archery and baseball.

Questions covering racial equality, students’ mental health issues and school harmony were asked during the games. Instead of answering the questions verbally, students could score by tossing or striking their “answers” into corresponding hoops and holes labeled with different options of answers. Every student has three chances to complete one task. Those who successfully won in the game booths were given small prizes as rewards.

Many students found the game booths entertaining and fun to play. The carnival was held successfully and all students had a wonderful time there.